We are a mobile app based E-sports community.​ Bush Club gathers players on all online gaming platforms in one place.

Our focus is for Malaysian E-Sports enthusiasts to become Digital Athletes. Our aim is to create an e-sports club to train, discuss, and grow the mobile gaming industry eventually bringing the online to offline.

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The Bush Club App is a mobile application for E-sports gamers or even interested gamers to join in Malaysia’s E-Sports community in one place. Within this app, e-sports players are able to join to learn more about a specific game and get updates and even recruit players for their team. The Bush Club App is also a platform that can give players an income. So join us to play more and gain more!



Who's behind the Bush!

Our team comprises of a bunch of young yet passionate group of people who are of course gamers themselves! So everything we do at the Bush, we have taken into account many angles of what you want and need in our E-Sports industry in Malaysia.




MOBA Roles: MM

Sara is an extreme gamer who plays not only MOBA but also console and PC. As a business owner, it's hard to find time to socialise. So gaming is one of her main ways to get together with friends and her teams. She is passionate about building the e-sports community and growing them to a larger and more international scale by providing online and offline platforms. Hence creation of the Bush Club App. To gather the gaming community in Malaysia to one space to encourage and grow towards professional digital athletes .



Chief Executive Officer

MOBA Roles: Jungle | Support

Work Hard Play Hard. Someone who is a workaholic by day and gamer by night. Farmin is a gamer enthusiasts who loves playing MOBA games. He is passionate about developing the gaming industry in Malaysia by creating more unique tournaments - "out of the box" type of tourneys and mini tourneys so that we can grow the gaming community. What can be more out of the box than the Bush!



Chief Operations Officer

MOBA Roles: Tank | Support

Omar is a man who has a knack in keeping the peace and holding our team together. A support at heart in game & at work! What he focuses are only the problems and how it can be fixed! Basically, a solutions provider and most importantly he has people skills. He likes to take a step back in everything and listen to everyone before making a decision. Once made, its straight on to the finish line!



Chief Content Officer

MOBA Roles: Jungler

A hyper, friendly and simple person in both gaming and real life personality. Nabil is always creating interesting contents to keep the audiences eyes glued to the screen with his out-of-the box and no boundaries ( ok maybe some boundaries ) kind of contents. He's a Celebrity by day and Gamer by night. Watch out for the contents featuring Nabil and focused on Malaysian E-sports. This time he's also creating and looking out for talents to feature  so 

keep an eye on Nabil.



Chief Production Officer

MOBA Roles: Support | Mage

A passionate person in both gaming and content creation, Alex is constantly making all gamers look good and provides a better visual understanding of what e-sports is all about to gamers and non gamers. Friendly, creative yet extremely serious when it comes to quality of content. So we don't only depend on his magic and support in game but he also mesmerises people to want to become a gamer to grow the e-sports community bigger!